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What Are Young Players Looking For In A Coach

I asked our academy players from 2001 what they looked for in a coach .

1 Katie Taylor Senior International .A coach who knows his stuff and encourages you to express yourself .

2 Aine O" Gorman Senior International . A coach who knows the game ,encourages you ,and can organize fun sessions .

3 Susan Hackett u19 International. Someone who encourages you and is there for you when you loose form or who helps you back on your feet after injury .

4 Emily Hanney u17 International .A coach that doesn't rant and rave or who puts you under constant pressure ..

5 Niamh Karney .u15 Schools and u17 International .Someone who can spot your weakness and help you improve .There is a lot to be said for a coach who can bring variety and fun to the sessions .

I asked the present youngsters write down on paper what they liked and disliked about football .I asked them not to put their names on the paper and just express how they felt .this is the result .

LIKES v Dislikes

Having fun. being shouted at during match .

Making Friends When adults cheat .

Learning lots of New Skills Being given out to after game.


When we play matches cause they are competitive , Don't like loosing .

Having fun with my friends Don't like to mess up .

When my coach tells me I'm doing well . When I can't get to training .

2001 players have a lot in common with our present day youngsters .Both sets of players like encouragement ,and fun .They all want to learn and improve and by nature are competitive .Now we know how the player thinks we should be able to adopt our training programme to suit .


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