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To Coaches and Parents .

They say that time flies and it surely does. After reaching the young old age of 70 I can look back and thank God I never wasted a minute. I put this down to my parents and family along with some fantastic adults who taught me many lessons about life in general. From the trainers I had at a variety of sports I took part in as a kid, and to those who would teach me my trade on the ships as I travelled the world. Looking back the one thing all those people had in common was the ability to make a kid feel comfortable and good about themselves, while at the same time showing you that by working hard you could reach your potential whatever that maybe. We can't all be world beaters, as I myself wasn't, but to have such fond memories to look back on is a priceless treasure .

For all of us adults who work with children in clubs in a voluntary capacity what better payment could there be than if we were to become part of the fond memories of the old timers of the future.



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