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Shankill F.C. 1st ever Futsal Tournament

Futsal is a derivative of soccer and played with five-person teams on a basketball style court with no walls and a smaller, low-bouncing ball.

For the 1st time in Shankill F.C.’s history 14 excited kids descended on the National Sports Centre in Abbotstown for the 2019 Futsal Tournament. Shankill F.C. entered two teams in the under 8 category to compete with the best in the DDSL and started their 1st game on the 27th January. The two games were against Swords Manor and St. John Vianney. The boys did excellent in their 1st taste of action with a Futsal after some intense training early on in the week paid off

Week 2 saw games against Glasnevin & Lakelands. With plenty of precision passing and movement on show the large crowd that had gathered in the gantry were in for a treat as Shankill F.C. showcased their skills in both matches and seemed to be playing like they played Futsal every week.

The training by the coaches were really paying off in both matches and the boys ended the matches extremely happy and were disappointed it was over for another week.

Week 3 saw ties against St. John Vianney and Marino as the boys were starting to get into the groove and were really enjoying the experience. One team was outdoor this time for a new experience with the Futsal on the astro pitch. The other team were indoor again and were playing some excellent Futsal.

Week 4 saw Shankill F.C.’s teams both playing outdoors on the astro against Knocklyon & Marino.

It was a different experience but the same passing and movement were on show as both teams played extremely well and the crowds were flocking to the sidelines yet again to watch these teams as they have been involved in some cracking matches.

In the final week of the tournament, the teams were back indoors to face Knocklyon Utd and Kilnamanagh. Both teams played fantastic Futsal. The positional play and movement off the ball that was practised during the week was paying off.

The extra futsal training really benefitted them and the boys enjoyed every minute of it.

Overall it was a great tournament and Shankill F.C. Under 8’s are now eagerly awaiting the start of the season in March. They did club, their local area and themselves proud and the future of boys football is certainly bright in Shankill. Congratulations to all involved.

Shankill F.C. Blue:

Manager: Richard Dale, Murt Esani, Ian Bourne

Team: Ryan Bourne, James Brien, Stephen Dale, Robbie Dale, Harry Esani, Hugo O’Hagan, Killian Sheridan

Shankill F.C. Grey:

Manager: Jonathan Elliott

Team: Alex Elliott, Johnny Fitzpatrick, Adam Harton, Sean Hayde, Max Kelly, Donal Kennedy, Samuel O’Neill

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