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Taking on the role of coach or manager for first time can seem quite daunting .Here are a few tips I have picked through the years . - 1 If you display good manners and encourage everyone concerned with the team to do same you will now have a solid base to start building on.

2.Remember everyone learns at their own pace ,we all had to walk before we could run .Give the young player the time to master the basics before moving on .

Teaching The Basics.

1. Remember a young child is not a little adult.

2. Use simple language they understand. 3. Don't have long winded team talks ,they loose interest, keep it short and to the point ,and pay attention to your tone of voice. 4. Don't have them standing in long lines waiting to get at the ball ,having the ball is the fun part .

5. Always remember being a coach is not about You it's all about you bringing out the best in others.

6. Keep it simple ,lighten up and enjoy yourself a hobby is supposed to be fun .That child is not a highly paid professional and remember neither are you

Tony Poutch.


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