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Ever since starting an academy for girls in 2001 it has always been a dream of mine to see an academy for girls football run by girls .

Well here we are in 2018 and the dream has come to fruition not only have we got one of our Senior Ladies running our girls academy on Sat Mornings in Shankill.,but through sheer hard work Aoibh Hall has stepped it up another level .

Today Aoibh sets off for Manchester on the coaching staff of the U14 MGL Gaynor Cup Squad .Not only will this be a great learning experience ,for Aoibh ,what she will learn working alongside professional coaches over the coming days will be invaluable not only to her but also to her young charges here in Shankill .The club have invested in Aoibh over the years and now their investment is paying dividends .

Aoibh has achieved so much in such a short time ,and it is purely down to her own efforts that she is now being recognized as an up and coming coach among her peers

Well done to Shankill for recognizing the potential not just in Aoibh but in many of the fine young people within the club .With this ethos anything is possible .

Congratulations Aoibh enjoy the experience and make happy memories in the coming days .

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