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  • Non-trophy football – NO results posted by League, nor league tables kept (Exception for U-11s Sept-Nov 2016 short season)

  • 7-a-side teams

  • Roll-on Roll-off

  • 25 mins each way

  • Size 5 Ball, 320 grams in weight

  • Shin pads compulsory

  • No jewellery, earrings etc

  • Panel of players for teams is 10-12 players

  • League Divisions of 8-10 teams

  • RETREAT LINE – 6 metres from  end line, mark with flat YELLOW ‘cones’/disk.

  • One opponent allowed remain within retreat line to introduce element of pressure

  • Keeper kicks ball from ground or rolls it out after ball goes over end-line

  • Keeper may not handle ball from back pass.

  • Keeper may not kick ball out of hands

  • Normal throw-ins  and corner kicks apply

  • Rope pitches off at 2 metres distance from pitch side.

  • Coaches and substitutes from both teams on same side of pitch.

  • All players to be given game time - half game as far as possible

  • Dimensions: 60x35 metres, max 65x40 metres.

  • Penalty spot is 8 metres from goal.

   U-10s SPECIFIC Small Side Games (SSG) Guidelines

  • Results from U-9s etc inform league in allocating teams to U-10  divisions

  • Re-grading after Christmas based on survey and results reported

  • When keeper is taking kick-out or rolling ball out. Ball is in play when keeper releases ball.

  • Keeper may not kick ball out of hands, but can kick off ground as a pass (not long or high).  Keeper may roll or throw ball out. Keeper not allowed handle ball from back pass.

  • Throw-ins after ball goes out over side lines.

  • Normal rules for corner kicks.

  • Guidelines kept under review.

U-11s SPECIFIC  Small Side Games (SSG) Guidelines

  • League appoints ref as far as possible

  • Promotion to u-12s divisions to be based on results and cup competitions that are expected to be held next year 2017.


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