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Pit Falls For Inexperienced Coaches to Avoid.

There have been some changes since I started working with young players and athletes 40 years ago. We now have twitter and internet at our finger tips, which when used properly can be of some help to the new coach. These aides can also restrict you in your development as a coach.

If you find yourself surfing the net for the answer to the simplest of problems, or use it to devise a more complicated drill or exercise which in your mind will make you look good, you are now on your way to becoming a bad coach.

When I am constantly being asked have you seen this drill have you seen that drill it can for me an experience coach be a bit of a head wrecker,must be hard for the kids to follow. I do realise it is good to acknowledge new ideas, but it is also good for the new coach to realise that there are no new mistakes. So before you tie yourself up in knots with too much information, the new coach should learn the simple basics and find their own simple and effective way to teach them.

Point to remember, if you don't come up with your own ideas you will only be doing the same as everyone else.


Tony Poutch


Shankill FC
Girls Academy Head Coach

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