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The Shankill FC Champions League was set up in memory of one of Shankill’s local sporting heroes. Bertie Messitt was instrumental in encouraging kids to play sports in Shankill and to have fun while doing this. At Shankill FC we aspire to continuing Bertie’s plan and want your kids to enjoy the experience of playing sport with other kids from the localities. Please remember that all the people connected with this tournament are giving their time on a voluntary basis for our benefit. Encourage the kids to have fun and enjoy yourselves also.



  • Teams are named after famous European clubs from the UEFA Champions League.

  • 7 aside games played in the evenings from 6pm to 8pm with each team guaranteed a minimum of 12 games over the 2 weeks.

  • Each game will be 15 minutes a half with a 5 minute half time break.

  • Teams will play 2 matches per night on alternate nights e.g. Monday, Wednesday & Friday the first week, Tuesday & Thursday the second week.

  • Age groups from 5 years to 14 years old (Boys and Girls).

  • Semi-finals and finals on Sunday 16th of July.

How do I register for the Champions League ?

Registration is Now Open




 Champions League Rules.

  • 15 minutes per half.

  • Tag Substitutes (on/off) allowed.

  • All players must get equal playing time.

  • No offside rule.

  • Throw in from side line.

  • The goalkeeper cannot pick up a back pass.

  • Each team plays all other teams in their group twice.

  • The attacking team must retreat to the retreat line for kick outs. This is to encourage teams to play football out from the back.

  • All teams play on the finals day.

  • If teams are level at the end of a semi-final / final it goes to a penalty shoot-out after 5 minutes of extra time is played.

Behaviour Expectations

  • Please stay back at least 1 metre from the pitch to give the kids room to play.

  • Respect the managers, referees and club officials.

  • Swearing or abusive language will not be tolerated and any person using this will be asked to leave the vicinity.

  • Players are expected to adopt a fair play policy throughout the competition.

Have Fun, and the very
best of luck to everyone
competing in this years
Champions League

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